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Professional Hair Treatments. Which Hair-Conditioning Procedures Are Worth Testing?

Why is a hair appointment the necessary evil for some of us? It is time we dispelled a myth that hairdressers aren’t knowledgeable about hair care. Discover the best repairing, moisturising

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 10. Anti-Aging Hair Care

You can’t stop the clock. The passing time leaves a mark both on the skin and the hair. Years go by and you notice your strands are dull, brittle and thinning. Anti-aging hair care is no mean feat.

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Let Your Hair Speak Up, part 9. Thinning Hair Care

It is a completely natural process when hair falls out. It affects each and every one of you. Losing more than one hundred hairs a day means a problem. Forget the counting, though

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Nanoil low porosity
Nanoil high porosity
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil
Macadamia Oil
Almond Oil