Body Care Oils. Use Them to Deliver a New Quality to Your Skin

Body Care Oils. Use Them to Deliver a New Quality to Your Skin

Natural, rich in precious nutrients, unrefined, onefold, single-ingredient cosmetic: this is how a vegetable beauty oil can be described briefly. If you found a high-quality oil, then other cosmetics suddenly seem to become somehow redundant since they aren't often effective enough to produce similar results, which of course are incredible. How to take care of skin with natural oils? Do you know how to use them in body care? This article will allow you to find everything what you should know about body care oils.

Natural Oils in Body Care: Everything You Should Know

First and foremost, natural oils are nothing else than liquid - at least in most cases - fats that are extracted from seeds, fruit, germs or other parts of a particular plant. Not without a reason vital is the method applied to obtain an oil - it's mechanically pressed. Beauty vegetable oils should be recognized as a priceless treasure for our skin given by nature - and this isn't a conceit but facts known to humans for centuries and proven by experts. Why are natural oils so perfect? Mostly because of the chemical composition that is incredibly similar to lipid layer of our skin. This feature makes them incredibly well-tolerated by skin; also, they penetrating abilities are really high.

Oils house an array of substances found essential for proper skin functioning. In terms of vitamin, minerals, plant sterols, carotene and flavonoids diversity, natural oils outclass many commercial cosmetics. Additionally, natural oils are totally safe since they neither trigger allergic reactions nor cause irritations. Instead, they heal, improve condition and increase elasticity. It can be said that together with natural oils you will be able to deliver a completely new, better quality to your skin.

Why Are Oils Found so Crucial in Body Care?

Oils are fats which means that they are rich in omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids in various ratios. Apart from that, they contain an array of vitamins and minerals as well as other, frequently recognized as exceptional substances that determine the oils' prestige and uniqueness.

Their highly favorable quality is that they are the 'suppliers' of building blocks required to renew and reinforce natural lipid barrier of skin. There is nothing like natural oils which contributes to skin hydration so remarkably.

Furthermore, natural oils are potent enough to increase elasticity in epidermis and prevent water loss, yet this is just a small percentage of what these natural substances are capable of doing. Natural oils heal, soothe and relieve, are antiseptic. Some of them are even safe for treating baby’s skin (almond oil is believed to be the best in this).

Natural Beauty Oils: Stunning Diversity on the Route to Your Beauty

If you want to provide your body skin with professional and the finest type of care, reach for nourishing, rich in antioxidants natural oils that intensify elasticity and remove scars, stretch marks and skin discolorations.

Natural beauty oils are full of agents dealing with inflammations, which is good news for all the people who struggle with frequent tissue damage. Moreover, the power of natural oils is recognized in skin care also because many of them contain GLA and SDA acids. Owing to these fatty acids, the oils are able to combat inflammations, heal as well as prevent other unwanted skin conditions.

Another remarkable ability of natural oils is hidden under their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, therefore they are found useful in dealing with acne, blemish and hidrocystoma. Also, those who regularly practice sport report making use of natural oils eagerly. Why is that? In short, natural oils impede bacteria multiplication, which can be intensified on perspired skin.

Finally, oleic acid that belongs to omega-9 group significantly facilitates absorption of other active substances, it transports vitamins and minerals deep into skin and maintains the processes that take place in cells.

Are All Oils Suitable to Be Used as Beauty Primary Products?

It appears that not every natural oil can be used as a cosmetic. It all depends on the way it was extracted and purified. The method that allows to extract the finest version of oil is mechanical pressing. This technique of oil extraction doesn't make use of chemical compounds; also, the oil isn't exposed to high temperatures which might deprive the natural substance of its valuable qualities. And this is how the highest quality, cold-pressed vegetable oils are obtained.

Furthermore, cold-pressed oils preserve their natural aroma, which is fairly intensive, as well as colour that can be either green, amber, honey and even ruby. Apart from keeping their physical qualities untouched, oils extracted through cold-pressing don't lose their precious beautifying substances and essential fatty acids.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality primary product for beautifying purposes, you must realize that only cold-pressed, unrefined oil that wasn't exposed to any aggressive processing is the most precious cosmetic delivered straight from 'Mother Nature's Pharmacy' that you should reach for.

How to Choose Beauty Oil?

Where and how to buy a good beauty oil?

It might be difficult to make sure that an oil we found is natural and cold-pressed since we aren't able to verify its origins and composition. Luckily, our choice becomes significantly eased owing to Ecocert label, which is a certificate given only to products fulfilling the highest quality standards. The very certification was given to Nanoil beauty oils, therefore you can be positive that by choosing them, you receive products of the highest quality.

How to Take Care of Body Using Natural Oils?

Natural Nanoil oils are single-ingredient cosmetics but it doesn't mean that they can't be combined with other natural beauty substances. They have no equal and their application might be limited by imagination only. Therefore, to stimulate it, learn the below methods of body skin care. Perhaps the ideas will inspire you to create your own perfect beautifying recipes owing to which your skin will be restoring its good condition and stunning appearance day by day.

Natural Oils in Body Care

  • As single-ingredient cosmetics. A high quality natural oil suffices to be used as a body balm and skin firming or anti-cellulite massage oil. Also, you can combine it with bathwater or use for foot/hand bath.
  • As carrier oils in aromatherapy. Natural oils are one of the most crucial ingredients added to essential oil blends serving medicinal purposes. They are base ingredients of cosmetics featuring tea tree oil, grapefruit oil or lavender oil. By mixing them, you obtain a potent body serum that will help you say goodbye to serious skin ailments.
  • As a constituent of other natural cosmetics. You can combine natural oils with algae, clays, aloe gel and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, you will create even more precious and completely natural cosmetics which effects can't be compared to ready-made products available in a drugstore, which are abundant in synthetic substances.
  • As a constituent of commercial cosmetics. If you wish to intensify properties of your body or face cream, mix it with a few drops of a chosen oil. Just use your hand to collect a portion of a commercial cosmetic and add a few drops of an oil. Mix thoroughly.
  • As a blend. Natural oils can be combined together to create the finest blends displaying new strong properties and having an intensively conditioning effect on skin. In this way you are able to obtain a customized blend producing outstanding effects.

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