10 Golden Rules of Keeping Your Complexion Healthy and Youthful

10 Golden Rules of Keeping Your Complexion Healthy and Youthful

The proper face skin care is vital: if you want to boast about having healthy, radiant complexion and youthful look, you should follow a few cardinal rules. Do you know how to take care of your face skin the right way?

Probably there is no woman in the world that wouldn't dream of having stunning complexion that is full of shine. No wonder why we devote so much time to face care. Sadly, face skin happens to be really fussy and moody, which causes us a lot of trouble. Sometimes, even seemingly trivial factor leaves our skin irritated and reddened for awfully long.

Is there anything that could prevent us from such a headache?

The Right Face Skin Care

Health and good looks of face skin mostly depends on how we condition and take care of it daily. The only way to make your complexion flawless is possible due to introducing the proper skin care methods and adopting the right beauty routines.

Only when constantly supplied with essential nourishing substances has skin the possibility to significantly increase its vitality. When protected against the sun and other harmful aggressors, skin is healthy and bears no traces of discolorations. Once the adequate hydration is maintained, skin is full of shine, elastic and smooth. Each action that we take every day has a tremendous effect on skin.

Various Skin Types Care

Before reaching for just any face cream and micellar lotion, try to answer just one question: 'What does my skin need?' Only by matching right care to skin type guarantees us success achievement, and this equals creating customized face skin regeneration plan.

Here is a fistful of tips on how to take care of skin by focusing on its particular types.

  • NORMAL SKIN - needs natural and gentle cosmetics that won't deteriorate its good condition, but only maintain the adequate level of hydration, nourish and shield it against the sun.
  • DRY SKIN - requires highly-moisturising products that will do both: replenish skin with water and lock it inside skin to prevent evaporation. In this case, cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, urea, ceramides and oil should serve the purpose.
  • OILY SKIN - against all appearances this skin type doesn't need to be dehydrated because strongly cleansing products might paradoxically encourage oily skin to secrete even more sebum. What matters here is regular and gentle cleansing with clays combined with wise moisturising. Moreover, restoring natural skin's pH and helping sebaceous glands function properly is crucial, too.
  • COMBINATION SKIN - is found the most demanding when it comes to conditioning because it requires combining beauty rituals that suits two different skin types: dry and oily. In the area where skin is oily, you have to take control over the functioning of sebaceous glands and counteract the unhealthy shine, whereas the severely dehydrated skin parts must be intensively replenished with water.

Apart from these four basic skin types, there are also sensitive, acne and mature skin types. Each of the additional skin problems such as atopic dermatitis or fine lines requires being given special attention and altering conditioning practices to solve and eliminate a particular skin problem.

10 Essential Rules of Skin Care

Naturally, despite the differences, each skin type requires being exposed to a fixed set of conditioning practices, such as moisturising, sun protection, dead epidermal cells removal, etc. What should be born in mind when it comes to daily face skin care?

1. Makeup Removal Is the Basics

The worst thing that we could do to our face is skipping bedtime makeup removal. Night is the time when our skin regenerates and gets ready for the toils of a new day. Colour cosmetics, or even their residues, might clog skin pores and disturb skin's balance. In light of this, it's so extremely crucial to take makeup off thoroughly and allow face skin to carry out its self-renewal processes freely.

Makeup Removing Oils
An effective and good alternative to micellar lotion is natural argan oil that deals even with waterproof makeup and simultaneously nourishes delicate eye skin. The same action is delivered to lash and brow hairs.

2. Precise Face Cleansing

Makeup removal alone isn't enough, though. Apart from colour cosmetics, there are dozens of other impurities that keep gathering on our faces - dust, toxins, excess of sebum, exhaust fumes, etc. They also have to be removed at bedtime because if left on skin surface, they create a perfect environment for bacteria development, which inevitably leads to acne appearance.

Oil Cleansing Method
Indeed, you can reach for gel, foam or soap to wash the face with. However, you can also turn to more natural and better agents, such as castor oil that displays germicidal properties. This oil is perfectly suitable for cleansing face and helping sebaceous glands function properly again.

3. Face Tonifying

Another crucial issue concerning face care is paying attention to pH level - it should be neither too acidic nor to base. Sadly, most of cleansing cosmetics disturb this natural skin's pH balance, thus we must do everything it takes to restore it. The best products to do so are face toners. All you have to do is wipe face skin with a cotton pad dampen with a face toner, and that's pretty all. You're good to go.

4. Eye skin care

A special attention should be driven to delicate eye skin area, which must be exposed to tender care even before proceeding with the proper skin care. Skin located under the eyes is really thin and prone to aging - wrinkles surrounding eyes appear as the first ones and all the blemishes such as sagging and dark circles make us look way older. In view of this, it's highly advisable to regularly apply eye skin creams and pat them with fingertips by limiting intensive rubbing.

Eye Skin Oil
If you care for natural skin pampering, you can resign from using a regular eye skin cream and replace it with its natural alternative, which is for example almond oil. Just a drop patted into eye skin area leaves it elastic, highlighted and moisturized.

5. Hydration First

Water plays the first fiddle in skin care and there are no doubts about it. Therefore, proper face skin care should be based mostly on moisturising. And this task can be two-staged. Firstly, by supplying skin with water due to creams or masks with humectants, and then preventing its evaporation by treating skin with oils that are potent enough to rebuild the hydro-lipid barrier of skin. What's important, each face skin type must be replenished with water constantly - and this principle applies even to oily and irritated skin.

6. Intensive Nourishment

Apart from moisturising, face skin also requires being supplied with the right nutrients which allow it to remain elastic, shiny and beautiful. For cell renewal, skin needs vitamins A and E, minerals (zinc and silicon) as well as substances such as collagen, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, ceramides. All of this can be delivered to face skin by applying a good face cream or serum on a daily basis.

Face Serum

Sure you can use face creams and masks but only serum brings truly intensive effect. You can either use natural version of serum - emollients which have antiaging properties (beauty oils e.g. jojoba oil which balances the skin thanks to the similar structure to human sebum) - or a professional face serum by Nanoil which holds the finest, highly-concentrated, strongly-nourishing ingredients - they are going to enhance the beauty of your skin. So, don't wait any longer and entrust the skin to the pro face enhancers.

D.I.Y.: Oil Face Mask
Oil such as macadamia oil is perfectly suitable to be used in the form of a face mask. Combine this natural oil with clay, yogurt, honey or lemon juice and let the mixture sit on your face for at least 15 minutes.

7. Sun Protection

You shouldn't neglect sun protection either. Face skin is delicate by nature and poorly-protected against harmful factors such as UV rays. If we don't provide skin with the right type of care (e.g. by using sunscreens), it will age definitely faster, it might feature wrinkles and discolorations. We frequently forget about the fact that skin itself isn't equipped with barrier that is strong enough to prevent the adverse action of the sun (especially during the summer when the sun is really strong).

Oils: Natural UV Filters
A great majority of oils can be used as natural UV filters because they offer SPF that ranges around 4-10. The most precious here are raspberry seed oil which SPF ranges from 28-50 and carrot seed oil that offers SPF 38-40 (the SPF value depends on the origins and extraction processes).

8. Systematic Dead Skin Cell Exfoliation

What else can we do for our skin apart from moisturizing, nourishing and protecting it against the sun? Well, you can exfoliate dead epidermal cells due to enzymatic peelings or gentle mechanical scrubs (this includes homemade scrubs like the ones based on oils and oat flakes). Skin deprived of this residing dead epidermal layer is faster to regenerate, smoother, its tone is even and it absorbs nourishing substances far better. Last but not least, face scrub stimulates faster blood flow in skin.

9. Massage and Facial Yoga

In order to boost blood flow in skin and supply all cells with oxygen, you can regularly massage your face and do facial yoga. The former home treatment depends on massaging various face parts by applying circular motions using fingers. Facial yoga in turn focuses on stimulating blood flow, moving face muscles and making skin more elastic due to applying particular face movements and facial expressions. For example, massage and facial yoga might help to deal with double chin and lift the skin that lacks elasticity, providing we are systematic.

Massage with Oils
To achieve better results, massage should be accompanied with oils. For instance, when introduced in massaging, avocado oil works the most intensively, and the benefits of this procedure are definitely better due to simultaneous skin nourishment.

10. Details That Are Equally Vital

As the last principle of proper face skin care it's worth enumerating the remaining and seemingly unimportant details that surprisingly have a tremendous impact on face skin condition. Below you can find factors that influence face skin.

  • Washing hands before applying face beauty products is really important; this prevents unwanted bacteria from being transported from hands to the face.
  • Popping, scratching and touching skin lesions should be avoided since this might lead to inflammations.
  • Face towels and pillow cases should be replaced with fresh ones fairly frequently in order to avoid contact with bacteria.
  • When it comes to face towels, it's advisable to learn the right way of face drying. Don't rub the towel against face but gently pat the skin dry.
  • It must be realized that following a balanced diet is extremely important in face care. After all this is the way in which we take care of our skin from the inside.

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