Oil Manicure: Natural Way of Getting Strong and Healthy Fingernails!

Oil Manicure: Natural Way of Getting Strong and Healthy Fingernails!

Thin, weak or brittle nails seem to be a problem of the many. How to regenerate fingernails and restore their lost beauty? The best idea is to make use oil manicure - a long-known natural method of nail conditioning. Find out how this oil treatment really works and which oils should you choose to get the best out of it!

Use of natural oils is unlimited and there are no doubts about it. Not only are they multi-purpose but also effective in terms of conditioning. Their application isn't narrowed to hair, body and face since natural oils can be successfully used to treat nails as well. Therefore, if your fingernails are damaged and brittle, give oil manicure a go!

OIL MANICURE - a beauty treatment delivering regeneration, reinforcement and intensive fingernail care. It deals with various nail and cuticle related issues through the use of natural oils. It can be carried out at home as well as in some beauty salons, including special SPA zones.

What Are the Benefits of Oil Manicure?

The biggest advantage of oil manicure is the fact that this method is entirely natural. Owing to this treatment, we expose the nails only to natural substances to regenerate, strengthen and beautify them in a simple way. It's worth pointing out that oil manicure is a procedure that can be performed at home using easy-accessible products - this makes the treatment a definitely cheaper option than professional nail treatments. Another tremendous asset of applying natural oils to nails is the possibility of matching them to the current needs of our fingernails. Due to such customized oil treatment, all nail ailments can be cured effectively.

But... is it worth using natural oils to save nails if in every drugstore or pharmacy we can find ready-made conditioners that regenerate nail plates?

Nail Oil vs. Nail Conditioner

When you notice that the fingernails have been getting brittle recently, started splitting and seem to be less elastic, then in most cases you turn to nail conditioners.

Hardly anyone carefully analyzes THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS of a nail conditioner. That's a pity since the majority of this type of products contain formaldehyde. It's a substance that may cause allergic reactions and intensify the problem of nail splitting. Obviously, application of a conditioner that damages nails instead of regenerating them is definitely a bad idea. In light of this, natural oils have the edge over nail conditioners because their composition is made of 100% cold-pressed oil.

Another important issue is the COST of nail conditioners. Some cosmetics designed for restoring good condition to damaged nails may cost a few times more than natural beautifying oils. Having this in mind, it becomes obvious that a better option is to invest in natural oil since it's size is bigger and its efficiency is better.

It might seem that APPLICATION of a nail conditioner is the field where natural oils lose to these ready-made beauty products. Handy packaging, convenient brushes, fast-absorbing formulas - these are the good sides of nail conditioners. Still, natural oils are said to be better because they can be applied in numerous ways - not only alike regular nail conditioner by also by adding them to nourishing baths, for example.

How Do Natural Oils Affect Fingernails?

It's time to take a closer look at the benefits of oil manicure. It appears that treating fingernails with natural oils produces many favorable results, providing that the treatment is carried out regularly. In short, natural oils ensure:

  • nail plate reinforcement.
  • splitting nails prevention.
  • nail growth acceleration.
  • intensive regeneration.
  • reduction of discoloration.
  • harder nails.
  • smoothness and natural shine.
  • soft and healthy cuticles.

The effects you achieve thanks to this treatment is strictly connected with the oil you use for the procedure. After all, each one of them displays different set of properties so the action they deliver might slightly vary. Undoubtedly, no matter the oils used, the outcomes will be positive every time because natural oils always work to our advantage.

The Best Oils for Use on Fingernails (Mini Ranking)

  1. CASTOR OIL - recognized as an irreplaceable nail oil especially if we want to strengthen fingernails and accelerate their growth. When applied regularly, it doesn't only make them harder but also softens and smooths out cuticles. It leaves nails shining healthily. Last but not least, castor oil regenerates nail plate just perfectly.
  2. ARGAN OIL - contains a high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids owing to which it regenerates and strengthens fingernails in no time. This is an oil that protects finger plate against water loss, the sun and other kinds of damage. Argan oil smooths out and beautifies fingernails.
  3. JOJOBA OIL - one of the most effective oils used for nail conditioning purposes. It nourishes and reinforces fingernails and, at the same time, is able to soften dry cuticles. It's really lightweight so it doesn't take long to absorb fully. Jojoba oil aids in restoring smoothness and beautiful shine to fingernails.
  4. ALMOND OIL - this is another lightweight oil that is found perfect for being used in oil manicure. Its light consistency eases application and the softening properties it displays ensure fast dry cuticle elimination. Almond oil smooths nails out and maintains the adequate level of hydration.
  5. TEA TREE OIL - exhibits strong antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, therefore it serves well in dealing with treating problematic nails (e.g. affected by mycosis). It relieves irritations, aids in curing infections and regenerates fingernails. Also, it leaves nails well-nourished.
  6. OLIVE OIL - owning to being a potent lubricant, it’s frequently recommended for hand and nail baths. A homemade nail conditioner in the form of olive oil is a way of getting stronger nail plates and smoothed out cuticles. It’s known for preventing weakened nail condition that is directly connected with aging.
  7. SHEA BUTTER - an excellent option for this who aren't fond of runny oils and prefer products in the butter-like form. Natural shea butter (also known as karite) is an incredibly thick oil that melts when in contact with skin. When applied to fingernails, it nourishes and strengthens as well as softens cuticles.
  8. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL - is one of the least popular oils, yet it's perfectly suitable for oil manicure. It can be bought in capsules: evening primrose oil taken from one capsule is enough to cover all nails. It leaves fingernails stronger, prevents their brittleness and nourishes them.

What About Some Homemade Nail Serum?

Naturally, you don't have to limit yourself to using just one oil because you can create your own blends. Preparing your homemade nail serum is child's play!

To create your home nail serum, you will need a carrier oil (e.g. argan, jojoba, almond, sunflower, olive) and some oil boosters (e.g. vitamin A and E taken from capsules, lemon juice, aloe juice, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, beeswax). This nail treatment offers numerous possibilities, just like hair and body oil care - this enables you to customize the treatments to your needs. Also, this universality makes the homemade nail serum a better cosmetic than products available in a drugstore.

What Homemade Nail Serums Are Worth Trying?

  • Vitamin nail serum - it's perfect for brittle splitting nails as well as dehydrated and parched hand skin. In order to prepare it, you will need: a carrier oil (best if jojoba or argan) as well as vitamin A+E ampules. Warm up the oil, add the contents of ampules and start rubbing the vitamin serum into fingernails and cuticles.
  • Olive nail serum - it serves two purposes: nourishes nails and softens cuticles really well. To create this serum, collect: warm olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Mix the ingredients and then rub the blend into fingernails (at least 2-3 times per week).
  • Nail growth accelerating serum - it's suitable if you care for nail reinforcement and accelerated nail growth. The essential ingredient here is castor oil that has to be enriched with a blend of essential oils: rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree. A regular application of the serum combined with a few-minute-long massage will do the job.
  • Nail rejuvenating serum - it should be found useful for those whose nails are getting weaker and lose their shine with age. In this case, the carrier oil is a blend of almond and jojoba oil (1:1). The additives are the following essential oils: lavender, lemon and myrrh. It's advised to combine the oils a day before to rub them into fingernails every evening.

Oil Manicure: Methods

Cool Oil Manicure

Definitely, it's the most common type of oil manicure that depends on rubbing a small amount of a chosen oil into nail plate and cuticles. It’s a really simple treatment that doesn't require any special preparations. Just a few drops of the oil and free time (morning and evening) is all you need to carry out this procedure. In short, the oil has to be kept rubbed into nails for a few minutes. The effects are even better if you allow it to absorb fully and don't wash hands right after applying the oil.

Hot Oil Manicure

Another way of boosting nail condition is offered by hot oil manicure that requires a little bit more time than its cool version. First, you have to get the nails ready for the procedure by removing the nail polish. Secondly, you have to warm up either an oil or a blend - it shouldn't be too hot so as to prevent hand scalds. Therefore, the best idea is to get the oil warmed up in a water bath. Once it reaches the right temperature, you can apply the oil to fingernails, rub it, massage and even you can keep the nails submerged in the blend for a few minutes. Higher temperature of the oil increases absorption rate which leads to better results. Once the procedure is over, it's suggested letting the residues of the oil absorb fully. After a while, you can remove the possible excess of oil from hands with a soft towel.

Nail and Hand Soak

While enumerating the nail condition boosting treatments, it's worth mentioning the third method, which is nail and hand soak. How to prepare this beauty treatment? You'll need a small bowl, warm water and either your favourite oil or a blend of oils. Once you pour a few drops of oil to water, you have to dip hands and keep them in the bath for a few dozen minutes. You can expect the positive effects to become noticeable already after the first session, but obviously it's better to regularly expose your hands and nails to this treatment.

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